An Electrical Phenomenon -- Max Muller

Narasimha Avatar, an Electrical Phenomenon by MaxMuller

  Max Mueller, a German describes this avatar as an ‘electric phenomenon’, Hiranyakasipu declared that God does not exist (Neti) whereas the child Prahlada states that HE exists (Asti). Again where Hiranyakasipu states that in this pillar I can’t see HIM (Sthambe Na Drishyathe), Prahlada says he can see (Sthambe Drishyathe) HIM. Thus the clash of positive (Yes) and negative (No) created sound and light. Just as lightning follows thunder, this avatar was preceded by a loud thud – the breaking up of the pillar. Vyasa Maharishi describes Krishnavatar as ‘wonderful’ (adbhutam) whereas Narasimhavatar as ‘most wonderful’ (adi adbhutam).

 The sound that arose during this avatar merged with all the mantra sabdas that now resounds in and surrounds this universe. The universe was filled with such an uproar that it travelled to Brahma Loka and sent Lord Brahma hurtling from his throne. Why were others like Kubera not affected? Because it was Brahma who granted such an 'impossible' boon to Hiranyakasipu and he had to be duly punished for such an act.
The purpose of this avatar was:

  1. To prove the Vedas’ declaration that HE is everywhere, omnipotent and omniscient.
  2. To prove Bhakta Prahlada’s words that HE exists both in pillar and dust.
  3. To protect the boon that Brahma gave to Hiranyakasipu that he should die neither at the hands of a man nor an animal, neither during day nor night, neither inside the house nor outside, not by any weapon, and so on.
  Hence the Lord had to take the form of a man and an animal combined and destroy Hiranyakasipu during twilight.

  This was an emergency landing with no early preparation and hence the entire universe was pregnant, ready for delivery at a moment’s notice. For the Lord to appear not only was a Hiranyakasipu required but also a jivatma, a bhakta like Prahlada. The question is why Narasimha, why could it not be a tiger or bear, etc. The reason was - Nara i.e. man to show the karunya of Prahlada and Simha to show the cruelty of Hiranyakasipu. 

  This avatar was liked by one and all. Rukminidevi loved this avatar. In Ramayana, Sri Anjaneya tells Sitadevi, “I shall bring Srirama on my back as Narasimhan.” Narayana Bhattadri (Narayaneeyam) asks the Lord about this avatar. He states (Sthambe Kattayath) and then not able to proceed goes on to sing in praise of Lord Guruvayoorappan (Gurupavanapura Pahimam).

  Narasimhan is described as ‘BIG BIG GOD’ (Periya Periya Perumal) whereas Lord Ranganatha is described as ‘BIG GOD’ (Periya Perumal) by Sri Rama who worshipped him before leaving for Sri Lanka to get back Sitadevi. He is described as Periya Periya Perumal by Lord Venkateshwara of Tirumalai Hills in this Yuga. Even today the food prepared for Srinivasa Kalyanam is offered to Lakshmi Narasimhan in Ahobilam under orders of Lord Srinivasa to Brahma. Brahma seeking the orders of Lord Srinivasa can be seen depicted in a pillar in Tirumalai.

  In Vishnu Sahasranama sung by Bhishmacharya a reference is made to Narasimha avatar. It may be seen that in the first 3 slokas mention is made to general names of the Lord like Vishwam, Vishnu, etc. The number of names is in the order of 9, 8, 7 (total 24). To the question ‘who is the Prathama Purusha’, the answer clearly is Narasimha vapuh. Again going back to the 1st sloka, the very first word ‘Vishwam’ refers to Vishwa yoni which points to Narasimhan. Coming back to the number 24, Narasimham stands like a burning torch in the middle of the Gayatri mantra which adds upto 24. Bargah means light. At the end of the Sahasranama where it is stated ‘Sarva Praharana Yuda’ it refers to Narasimhan who does not require any extra weapon as he uses his nails to cause the death of Hiranyakasipu. He is Mrutyunjayan.

  When sage Bharadwaj spent the first 96 years of his life learning Vedas with further 2 extensions as granted by Indra and even then could not complete learning the Vedas, it is stated that Indra advised him to do tapas. Thus to sage Bharadwaj, while doing tapas in the forest of Mattapalli in Andhra Pradesh, Lord Narasimhan became Pratyaksham.

  With his consort Sri Lakshmi, he is most beautiful (one eye – Tapana, 2nd Indu and third eye Agni). The Lord Narasimhan is so full of Kindness (Karunya) that even before he caused the death of Hiranyakasipu, he put him on his lap and searched his heart to find out whether his abuses came from his lips or from his heart. If it had been only from his lips, HE would have set him free. That is HIS KINDNESS (KARUNYA).

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